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Visited guests of the Veteran Boarding House for the Elderly and Disabled

Employees of the Pure Heart Foundation visited guests of the Makhachkala Boarding House for the Elderly and Disabled Veteran.

In a pleasant warm atmosphere of kindness, a long-awaited meeting of elderly people with guests - workers and volunteers of the "Pure Heart", who have been supporting the wards of the boarding school for many years, was held. This visit was no exception.

Vivid unforgettable emotions for all those present were presented by the People's Artist of the Republic of Dagestan Rukiyat Gamzatova. Incendiary national songs and lyric compositions in her performance did not leave anyone indifferent.

Grandfathers and grandmothers joined in singing along to the star of the Dagestan variety, and some even went out to dance. After all, age is completely unimportant, most importantly, what the soul feels ...

After such an unforgettable mini-concert, the fund employees talked to pensioners, handing them gifts. None of them were left without attention.

Each guest of the boarding school has its own difficult human history, to which it is almost impossible to respond without tears. I am glad that Veteran has all the conditions for a comfortable stay for older people. The boarding staff does everything to surround them with care and care.

We wish you good health, good mood, peace of mind and attention from others! All the best to you, dear ones!