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We are with you children!

International Day of Oncological Patient is celebrated annually on February 15. This date is a symbol of hope for the best for all children, their parents and doctors who are daily struggling with cancer and other malignant childhood diseases.

The day before, Pure Heart employees, together with Republican College construction and design volunteers, visited the children undergoing treatment at the Department of Oncohematology of the Children's Clinical Hospital in Makhachkala.

It was a real surprise for boys and girls - the children who were very happy were guests who came to visit them with balloons and sweet gifts. Do not describe in words how pleasant it is to give warmth and smiles to these little brave men who resist dangerous diseases.

Also, the Boxes of Courage were installed in the treatment room. From now on, every child, having passed the treatment procedure, will be able to choose from these boxes any toy he likes. And the next visit to the doctor for them will not be so scary.

The Pure Heart fund will replenish stocks of toys in the Boxes of Courage monthly. If you want to support our charity project and donate toys for children with cancer, write to us directly or call the hotline 8989 663 11 07 (Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Thanks to the CS&D volunteers for their participation and support in carrying out a charity event!

We wish all children good health, a happy childhood, and that there should be as many such pleasant joyful moments in their lives. Get well soon and never get sick. We are with you children!