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We do good with the Dagestan branch of RusHydro

The Dagestan branch of RusHydro, which has repeatedly supported charity activities of the Pure Heart Foundation, donated funds for the purchase of quartz lamps and blinds for the children's department of oncology, hematology and chemotherapy of the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital.

Today, the fund’s employees brought five irradiators-recirculators to the hospital, which provide the highest degree of air disinfection and reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

We also bought medical blinds for the wards, in which children with oncological diseases stay. Let nothing threaten the health and life of these babies, and, despite their difficult diagnoses, they feel here as comfortable as possible.

We thank the Dagestan branch of RusHydro for the desire to help and do good. Thank you for your understanding, responsiveness, indifference and the assistance provided to our wards!

Health, success and all the best to you!