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While I can, I will look after a sick grandson!

“Besides this child, I do not need anything in this life. I want to take care of him while I can. Allah Almighty helps, gives strength to look after his grandson - this is the most important thing, ”said Patimat Mustafayeva, a 69-year-old resident of Makhachkala.

On the shoulders of this fragile, but brave woman, is a 16-year-old granddaughter of Gadzhimurad with severe cerebral palsy, and a 48-year-old son suffering from a neurological disease.

For many years, the only meaning of her life is care and care for her loved ones. Without it, they would have been hard at all, but Patimat never despaired, lamenting the injustice of this life. A woman with a capital letter, mother and grandmother - her stamina and fortitude deserve great respect.

And did she really have another choice when her parents refused Gadzhimurad? Could she leave the sick grandson alone? Of course not. And no matter how difficult and difficult, Patimat simply does not have time to despair and grieve.

The whole pension goes only to drugs and food. Gadzhimurad can not eat on their own - grandmother has to buy nutritious mixtures, fruits to make cereals (the boy eats only liquid food).

The main thing is that the granddaughter was good, and he was not bothered by anything. “When he suffers, I suffer with him,” Patimat tells us. A pleasant occasion to visit our ward family again is a donation from Sweden from the Pure Heart benefactor.

We express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the head of the Euro-Foundation for Support of Children and Disabled Robert Ramazanov for his indifference and desire to help people in need. May all the good you do be sure to return to your life with happiness and prosperity!

We wish grandmother Patimat good health, strength and long life. Let all adversities bypass her family and loved ones, and there will be as few reasons for sadness and tears as possible. Amine.