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With your support, everything will work out!

Eldar Yusupov from Buinaksk with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy will never forget those joyful emotions when he first got into the Scala wheelchair basketball club. For him, a person with a disability, being here is especially important and valuable.

It is here that he feels necessary and useful, and it is here that he wants to try his hand at sports, striving for new heights and achievements. For this, despite his ailment, Eldar makes his way from Buinaksk to Makhachkala. Without the "Rock", he now simply can not.

Having been formed nine years ago, “Skala” in a short time managed to change the fate of those who had lost all hope for the best. To this day, the club provides an opportunity for people with disabilities not only to spend time with benefit for themselves, to train, but also to make new friends and like-minded people.

Due to the nature of his diagnosis, Eldar, like many other members of the “Rock” with injuries to his hands, is difficult to play basketball in wheelchairs. It was for them that a new section on the boccia game was opened. Thanks to it, players with the most severe forms of damage to the central nervous system and spinal injuries develop dexterity, accuracy and coordination of movement.

The Makhachkala club was presented with specialized boccia balls, but one set, unfortunately, is not enough for all players. The fund announces a collection of 90,000 rubles for the purchase of three sets of balls.

We ask all responsive people to support the "Rock" and make their contribution to this good cause. Thanks to each of your donations and reposts, it will become possible to purchase the necessary sports equipment.